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Two New Free Libraries from Decent Samples

The two new and free libraries Magical Musical Thing and Electric Bell Toy Piano from decent samples can be used with the free decent sampler which can be downloaded here !

Magical Musical Thing :

The raw analog waveforms of a vintage Magical Musical Thing children’s synthesizer.

The Magical Musical Thing was produced by Mattel, and invented by Franklin Eventoff, inventor of the Force-Sensing Resistor. Franklin now runs a company called Sensitronics that produces sensors. The oscillator contained within the MMT is based on a 4049 CMOS hex inverter chip.

Electric Bell Toy Piano

The charming bell sounds of a Japanese children’s toy from the fifties. The instrument was produced by Nomura (T. N.), a large manufacturer of tin-plated electronic toys. Although the item described itself as an “electric vibraphone,” it bears no resemblance to that instrument, and instead features an array of bells which are struck by a spindle.

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