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ViatorDSP Releases 3 Free Plugins

1.Viator Voice Leveler

Are you a podcaster, streamer, or content creator seeking to maintain consistent volume levels in your vocal recordings? Look no further! "Viator Voice Leveler" is here to be your ultimate solution for effortless audio consistency with a touch of excellence.

Seamless Volume Leveling with Precision: "Viator Voice Leveler" is an exceptional compressor/limiter plugin meticulously designed to cater to the needs of podcasters, streamers, and content creators. Say goodbye to fluctuating audio levels, and embrace smooth, polished voice signals that captivate your audience from start to finish.

Experience the Magic of Compressor/Limiter in One Plugin: With "Viator Voice Leveler," achieving a balanced voice signal is just one click away. No need for complex setups or multiple plugins. This single compressor/limiter takes care of it all, preserving the natural nuances of your voice while ensuring consistent volume across your entire recording.

System Support

▷ Windows and macOS systems, as VST3 and AU.

2. Viator Voice Sweetner

Are you a content creator, podcaster, voiceover artist, or streamer in search of an effortless way to enhance your vocal recordings? Look no further! "Viator Voice Sweetener" is here to elevate your audio to professional standards with just one twist of a knob. Embrace the power of simplicity and achieve pristine audio quality effortlessly.

Effortless Audio Enhancement with a Twist: "Viator Voice Sweetener" is the ultimate one-knob EQ plugin meticulously designed to meet the needs of content creators, podcasters, voiceover artists, streamers, and even mixers. With its intuitive design, you can now enhance the richness, clarity, and warmth of your voice without getting bogged down by complicated settings.

Unlock the Magic of One Knob: Simplicity meets sophistication with "Viator Voice Sweetener." No need to fiddle with multiple EQ bands and frequencies; just adjust one knob, and let the plugin do the rest. Experience the magic as your voice takes center stage with a refined balance of frequencies, making your recordings stand out from the crowd.

System Support

▷ Windows and macOS systems, as VST3 and AU.

3.Voice De-Noiser

Are you tired of background noise ruining your podcast or streaming sessions? Are you searching for a simple yet powerful solution to enhance your audio quality effortlessly? Look no further! Voice De-Noiser is here to rescue your recordings and captivate your audience with pristine sound clarity.

Seamless Noise Reduction with a Twist: Voice De-Noiser is the ultimate noise reduction plugin designed with convenience in mind. I understand the importance of simplicity for content creators, so i've crafted a user-friendly tool that requires no technical expertise. With just one knob, you can now effortlessly dial in the perfect balance between your voice and the environment, effectively reducing unwanted noise and distractions.

Enhanced Control with Input and Output Adjustments: Tailor your audio to perfection using the intuitive input and output controls. Voice De-Noiser lets you adjust the input level to precisely match your recording setup. The output control empowers you to find the ideal volume level, ensuring your voice remains clear and present while ambient noise fades into the background.

System Support

▷ Windows and macOS systems, as VST3 and AU.

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